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Domestic dating violence florida

Divorce and Domestic Violence in Florida, What You Need to Know About Florida's Domestic Violence

Domestic dating violence florida

Partner & Spousal Abuse. Abuse comes in many different forms. What is Domestic Violence? Under the provisions of Section of the Florida Statutes. Dating Violence (Fla. Stat. (d)): Violence between individuals who have or have had (1) A dating relationship must have existed within the past 6 months;. (2) The nature of the Domestic Violence (Fla. Stat. ): Any assault. Your Florida Court Clerk can help if you are a victim of domestic violence. Don't stay If you are the victim of dating violence, you may seek restraining order if.

Florida law provides for an individual to secure an injunction for protection against another party under certain circumstances. An injunction also commonly known as a restraining order is a court order preventing an individual from doing certain things-most domestic dating violence florida in domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking injunctions, it prevents an individual from contacting someone or being physically present near someone.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones Florida law is very specific on who can—and who cannot—request an injunction from the Court. Domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking injunctions can have severe and permanent consequences if a final judgment of injunction is entered by the court, including the loss of ability to own or possess a firearm and ammunition, restriction of freedom of movement, loss of your living arrangements, and other serious collateral consequences.